With a Degree from WBU, it feels like nothing can stop you.

Washington Bridge University aims to impart quality online education system through 200 distance accredited online degree program, especially in business and allied fields to students of accredited universities selected on merit irrespective of ethnicity, gender, or financial means. Moreover we wish to provide a flexible online course management system and learning environment that encourages critical thinking and ethical conduct through our carefully designed Distant Learning program. Washington Bridge University feels its prime responsibility to get online education system in reach of all those students who wish to pursue a degree but there financial conditions or hectic job hours doesn’t allow them to do so.

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At WBU, Creativity In Everything We Do And Offer.
We Strives To Be The Best And At The Leading Edge Of Knowledge

Committed to Redefining Higher
Education Around the Globe

Reduced Tuition Fee

Our online education system believe in providing an opportunity to the outstanding students to make a positive impact in their academic programs and career. Washington Bridge University offers numerous financial support accredited online degree program encouraging students to pursue their higher education loan free. You can avail our comfortable payment plan.

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International Faculty

We encourage our students and faculty members to achieve both academic prominence and the utmost levels of pedagogical influence while teaching and beyond. This is what makes Washington Bridge University truly a great place to not just learn but to educate.

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News & Events

Interview with the Influential Professionals: Transitions, Tech and the Value of Learning in Today’s Fast Paced World

The dean of Washington Bridge University sat down with a panel of few influential professionals to discuss plans for the academic year and the future of Washington Bridge.

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Growth Brings Big Changes on Campus and the Way Students Think

Washington Bridge University is working on introducing new school majors to help students out their steps in the untapped fields of knowledge and grow exponentially.

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Welcoming the Largest Incoming Class in Washington Bridge’s History

Washington Bridge University takes pride in achieving the enrollment of the highest amount of business students in the history of University’s students.

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Discover the Stories behind Research That's Transforming Lives across the World

The nature of educational research at WBU is analogous with the nature of research itself, which is systematic, reliable and valid to investigate knowledge, and solves problems.

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Washington Bridge University Program Ranking

Washington Bridge University grant Research Financial Aid to encourage research students to dig the untapped knowledge and contribute more to the academics through valuable researches.


Bachelor's - Business
& Management


Master's in
Computer Sciences


Master's in Health


Master's in Social


Bachlor's in


Doctorate in

We Appreciate Passion & Strive to
Make Education Affordable For All

Research Financial Aid Programs

Washington Bridge University grant Research Financial Aid to encourage research students to dig the untapped knowledge and contribute more to the academics through valuable researches.

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Scholarship for High Achiever

The intellectual levels of brain drain from High School choose WBU as their top priority. WBU recognizes the talent of our bright students by providing them High Achiever Financial Aid.

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Scholarship for Minorities

This scholarship program, can be general or specific which is determined as per the nationality, with some being open to all minority students while others are designed to benefit one ethnic group in particular.

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Community & Military Service

If you are a student with a past experience of community involvement, civic accomplishments or participation in military acts you can avail our Community and military Service scholarship.

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Marked By International Accreditation Authorities

All degree programs, diploma programs and certification programs at WBU pass through a rigorous assessment method thereby evaluating each program in terms of cost, convenience, course quality and learning curves of students.

Gulf accreditions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions frequently asked by the students from all around the globe that are subject to admission procedure, degree programs inquiry and other related queries.

What is the deadline for applying for Washington Bridge University Scholarship Program?

There is no hard and fast deadline for applying to Scholarship programs as you have the feasibility to get enrolled in the university at any time of the year. As soon as you decide to enroll yourself, you can apply and avail of our scholarship program according to your eligibility.

What are the Washington Bridge University entry requirements?

A high school certification or a degree is the only requirement if you are enrolling for an entry level degree program. Other than this we wish to seek a candidate with an eagerness to pursue a higher education degree and excel in a career.

Are there international students at University of Washington Bridge?

Yes, we are a strong network of global communities spreading more than 80 countries of the world. We are both a team of international students and faculty members, which experience an advance level of academia.

Is University of Washington Bridge University Affordable for me?

Yes! At Washington Bridge University, we help everyone by making the education accessible for everyone. We have various scholarship program offerings that make education feasible for you and easy to attain as well.

What about my Prior learning and experience?

We help you eliminate the study hours by having relevant work, life and military experience evaluated for credits and jump start your educational journey. We also have the facility of credit transfer as if you have studied a course earlier you can get the exemption in that course and save your time and money.



We’ve launched a range of advanced level courses for national as well as international students to help them seize the untapped fields.

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